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Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing.

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colin o’donoghue being adorable at the OUAT panel (x)

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You can say  B O Y F R I E N D

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"You’ve had a few suitors on the show… who do you think Emma’s soulmate is?"

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"You’ve had a few suitors on the show… who do you think Emma’s soulmate is?"


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"So how did you feel about the season finale?"

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I have faith in Hook and that he won't give into his darker side at least completely not saying there won't be moments. Cause if they let him go to his darker side completely that would be throwing away all the changes that he's already made and I can't see Adam and Eddy wanting to do that. Also to me something really major would have to happen for him to even go that far.


YES, love. And I’m not preaching at you in this post, I’m totally agreeing with you and I love your outlook. It’s all about faith and not giving up on the ones you love, remember? Ultimately, the obstacles these characters face…NONE of them are created by the writers to purposely destroy them and their own personal character growth. It’s only to make them BETTER in the end. So if Hook slides back somewhat or messes up here and there, it’s okay b/c he will learn from it and it will ultimately make him better for himself AND for Emma. It also allows Colin to really stretch his acting legs and I’m all for that!

You know, this is a story they’re telling. And they all have their ups and downs and the stakes only get higher those closer you get to the end of the story. But I do believe that all of the characters we love and all of the true love couples will be okay in the end. What’s the point in getting people invested in them, only to rip that away? That’s not how fairytales work and these are ALL fairy tales. The tale of Henry and his two mothers, the tale of snow white, prince charming and their lost daughter, the tale of robin hood and the evil queen, the tale of the beast and his librarian beauty, and finally, the tale of the pirate and the princess. I believe that ALL of these stories will end in happy endings. Will there be sad times along the way? Of course… but this show is about finding your family, about redemption and love and trust — the writers are NOT getting us invested in these characters to have their stories end in a sad way.

So that’s the way I wish people could look at this show…will I have my complaints here and there? Sure. I hated Hook being ganged up on in 3x19 b/c he truly was trying to help and he was telling the truth about the note he received. And not only that he gave up his ship to even get back to Emma so looking back, their treatment of him only hurts worse. So I’m as guilty of being mad as anyone but, I never once worried about him or CS…because I knew it was going to be okay.

After this weekend, you guys have to see how loved this couple is and hook’s character is. We’re going to have some REALLY amazing times this season, ya’ll. I mean…Colin & Jen have only read two episodes and look at these idiots:

(Gifs by leaveatrail)

I mean they are downright GIDDY. And only two episodes in. And this is Mr. “kind of yeah sort of whatever whatever” Colin O’Donogue. And look at that cheesy smile. He can’t even contain it. So yeah. We got some good times ahead. And just know whatever they go through and whatever struggles he goes through to maintain his growth and continue to earn Emma’s love and see himself worthy of it, it’s only going to make him better. And THAT is what you want. And it’s going to be seriously…so so beautiful and I’m 100% here for it.

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Do you think Emma might be spending more time this season talking about Hooks inner struggles w/his demons and past and trying to help him/be supportive like he's done for her in the past? JMo said this season she's more vulnerable b/c she trusts him (and her family) and people that won't leave and let her down so shes willing to be more open and therefore be more in tune so to speak I mean like in bleeding through she tried to cheer him up when she could tell he was upset if that makes sense

I hope so. I think that’s a really important step they need to take in their relationship. And Colin made the comment about how Hook has had his walls up too and that’s another way that they’re alike.

My lovely jadeddiva wrote a drabble earlier where Emma called Killian out on one of his defense mechanisms and it’s exactly the kind of thing I’d like to see onscreen, where she helps him break down some of his walls like he’s done with her. It’s not going to be instant, but I do think it’s something that needs to happen for both of them this season.

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I really want to know what exactly Regina's storyline is going to be this season, because I'm pretty sure that Lana said that she doesn't really cross paths with the Frozen people, which seems like the main storyline for 4A. Obviously it's going to be a lot about her and Robin and Marian, but I hope she has more than that. I'm obsessed with OQ, but I'd hate for Regina's character to be reduced to one half of a ship.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Regina is always involved in the main story one way or another and maybe she hasn’t filmed with the Frozen cast in episode one, but they’ve still working on episode two. Even Bobby hasn’t filmed with them yet (he said he would this week) and we know Rumple is connected.

And we still don’t know about the big bad. A lot of us are assuming it’s the Snow Queen, but since they’re keeping that quiet for now, we don’t know how Regina will be connected to that story. 

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