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I really wanted to post the first chapter of my new CS fic this weekend, but my arm problems have made writing difficult. So here’s a sneak peek (better than nothing, maybe?)

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Captain Swan and the Ice monster - my work © darkcoragraph

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And There’s No Remedy (For Memory) 3/3

Pairing: Klamille

SummaryNone of this is her idea – not the location, not the interview, not even the book itself. This entire venture is the fulfillment of a promise made long ago, one that she’s wanted to keep and as difficult as coming here again is, she’s willing to make the sacrifice to ensure the message gets heard.

Author’s Note: Thanks to everyone for reading/reblogging/liking. Sorry for all the heartbreak. 

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Part Three

Samantha’s gushing again. The next section of the book continues to develop the relationship between the king and the historian. He opens up to her while she documents his story. War rages in the kingdom, but the two find sanctuary in one another. He promises to keep her safe and she convinces him that it’s not too late for him and he’s still capable of love, even after everything he’s lost. Their bond deepens and soon they are inseparable, but the battle looms.

Again, the entire section of the book is nothing but fiction – pretty words and false hope of a light at the end of the tunnel. Cami remembers writing the words and the way her imagination had run wild. Some nights as she hovered over her keyboard, she’d allowed herself to live the fantasy and watch the scenes play out in her mind’s eye. Lost in her head, Cami found herself smiling and then reality would set in and she’d stay awake sobbing until the sun rose over the horizon to remind her that she had to keep going.

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I’m totally fed up of seeing the apple seriously. And I know you like Regina but the apple again…

I do like Regina, but I agree with you. The apple is right up there with ice and snow at this point. Enough.

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There was Gotham.

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